The Body of Life
A healing practice to help awaken
God's Love and Light
in body and soul

Robert McIlwain

At the Heart of this Healing Practice

        At the heart of this healing practice is God's reality, always with us and within us.  All aspects of our existence are part of God's life, including our journeys of healing in our bodies and in our lives.  God's Light brings to our consciousness that which is in need of change, opening the way for opportunities to heal.  God's Love is with us at all times, making all things possible and bearable.  This is true even when we have difficulty finding the way, even when we face great challenges in our lives.  The more that we reach toward that which is whole and holy, the more we become open to God's presence.  This is part of God's promise to us, part of the sacred trust that is our destiny with God.

        My work is to support people in reaching toward wholeness and healing in their bodies and in their lives.  I focus on work with the body, as it is through the body that we experience the world, and through the body that we express the depth of who we are.  Each of our bodies is a gift, sacred and holy.  As we bring more love, tenderness, and sacred awareness to how we care for our bodies, a doorway can open more deeply to the healing process for our bodies and for our souls.  My aim is to help people attend to their bodies and their lives in new ways, so that all of life can be experienced as part of the healing process.

        In my practice, I strive to bring qualities of healing presence to each person.  The skills and capacities that I bring are centered in love, compassion, awareness, and commitment to service.  I offer my hands, my heart's knowing, and my words to support each person in the physical, emotional, and spiritual process of healing.   Fundamental to my work is being open - to be centered in my heart, to listen deeply to each person, to be guided by intuition, and to receive and to give of God's blessings in any way that I am able. 

        In individual sessions, and in groups and classes, I encourage people to learn ways to love themselves and others more fully by becoming sensitive to the body, respectful of deep feelings, and awakened to grace, love, and inspiration that nourishes the soul.  The more fully conscious we become, the more deeply we may be able to know and feel God's presence in our lives.  With God's in our hearts, all of life can be experienced as part of the journey of healing.

At the center of my life

        At the center of my life and my relationship to God is my love and devotion to my spiritual teacher, Julie Redstone.   I feel my life's mission like a light filled furnace in my heart, connected with my hope and commitment to help bring the sacred future into the present, in God's time.  This fervent sense of mission comes from a deep place of the ideal within me, from the determination to help bring God's ideals for humanity forward into reality.

        May God's sacred promise be fulfilled: that humanity align its will with God's will, and that all which has been separated from God be transmuted and redeemed by grace - rejoined with God in wholeness, with Love and sacred purpose for the benefit of all.

        I pray that I may help in the ways that I am given - that each person may help in their unique way - in bringing forth a new time in creation on earth.  Each soul's contribution, each moment of love, light, and truth that a person brings to others, moves the world on the path toward a new day.  As each of us heals, helps others, and serves God and the earth in some way, the vibration of the earth becomes more purified in love and goodness, for the benefit of all.  All acts that express love as God intended, are gifts to the world.

        By helping people to heal - in their bodies and in their lives - I believe I am helping the world in some way to move in the direction of God's promise.  My hope is that through this work I am helping people participate deeply in their lives and in God's life with them.  In this way each soul can give more fully of the gifts that are theirs to bring, and can shine with the many splendored love, light, hope, truth, and goodness that is the destiny of humanity with God.

With Gratitude

        I am ever grateful to Julie, my spiritual teacher and minister, my holy beloved, who guides me with profound Love and Light, with tenderness and truth, towards the deepest reality of my life.  On my way home to God, here on earth.  Halelluia!