The Body of Life
A healing practice to awaken
God's Love and Light
in body and soul


Robert McIlwain

Links to Websites


My Spiritual Home

Omega Star-Child Seminars
The website created by my spiritual teacher, Julie Redstone. For me, this website emanates holiness to the world. The light of God's promise, the joy of my soul.

Selected writings of Julie Redstone, from the website of Omega Star-Child Seminars:

Our Sacred Bodies

Wholeness and the Soul

The Goals of Purification


Aligned Practices

Counseling Practice of Robert McIlwain
Psychotherapy, Family Therapy, and Spiritual Counseling

The Practice Of Being A Sacred Human
The website of Vivian Michaela DeAngelis, offering Sacred Counseling for individuals, families, children, and groups, as well as Sacred Consulting for businesses and organizations.

Sacred Iridology
The website of Johanna Raphael, Sacred Iridologist and Herbalist.

Earlier Training and Development

The School for Body-Mind Centering
The website of The School for Body-Mind Centering, founded and directed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Approaching the body-mind through touch and movement, from the perspectives of experiential anatomy, developmental movement, and the "mind" of the body.

Sanctuary: The Institute of Human Ecology
A learning/training community, led by Dawna Markova, PhD, in deep aspects of physical and emotional healing, creativity, group dynamics, learning styles, working with the unconscious mind, and spiritual growth. Click here for a recent article that is emblematic of Dawna's work.