The Body of Life
A healing practice to help awaken
God's Love and Light
in body and soul

Robert McIlwain

Workshops, Classes, and Groups

God's Love and Healing Touch
An opportunity for people to learn about giving and receiving healing touch with God's Love at the center.

Moving With God's Light
A time for each person to explore the gifts of one's being and the light of one's soul, through movement and creative expression.

Songs for the Soul
Robert shares beautiful inspirational songs and sacred dance written by his spiritual teacher, Julie Redstone.

With God In Our Hearts
An evening of meditation, prayer, sacred song, and sharing in response to recent world events, and in hope for peace.

Body and Soul
A class/workshop for people seeking to experience qualities of healing through becoming more sensitive and responsive to body and soul

Experiencing God's Love and Mercy
An time open more deeply to the profound love and mercy that is always present in God ~ within oneself, between people, and on the earth.