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Vivian Michaela DeAngelis



All of life is sacred.  All of life is precious.

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Welcome. The purpose of this website is to share with you my vision for a new and sacred world.
At this time in our history, we each have a responsibility to live our lives as fully awake and conscious as possible. I pray that through sharing my life, my work, my hopes and dreams, I can help awaken possibilities in each of your lives.

Our life is meant to be a healing of the separation that keeps us from surrendering our will to God's will. In that surrender we discover that we are more loved by God than we can possibly imagine. The work of healing the split between one's human life and one's spiritual life takes great courage and commitment. This healing is the focus of my work. No matter the content or the context, the work is the same. Whether I am helping an individual or groups of people, my work is to recognize that we all have a unique path, and that the purpose of our lives is to discover and express our soul's purpose.

When each individual becomes who they are meant to be, then the world begins to become a more whole and holy planet ~ where all can live in peace and love.

The Practice of Being a Sacred Human is at the heart of my life. I have a deep commitment to sharing the promise and beauty of God's reality with others, and to assist in bringing God's love and healing to the world. My work is based on the teachings of my beloved spiritual teacher. I have worked closely with her for many years to learn how to live a committed spiritual life. I feel blessed and grateful to be able to share my life in this way with others. Creating this website has been a long-awaited dream. I hope that in sharing my work that I can help awaken the promise of a new beginning in each of you. Please let me know how I may help you. Thank you for visiting my website

With love and blessings,


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