The Practice
Of Being
A Sacred Human

Vivian Michaela DeAngelis

All of life is sacred.
 All of life is precious.   

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Sacred Consulting

Our work in the world is meant to be an extension of our hearts -
an offering to God, to ourselves, and to the world.


The purpose of sacred consulting is to help you develop a work environment that reflects your true purpose and thus creates an opportunity for all to become who they are meant to be. Discovering that our work can serve the greater good of all humanity, fulfill our deepest longings to express who we are through our livelihood, and allow ourselves and our businesses to become financially stable - are the goals of this work.

Sacred consulting is an opportunity for senior leadership and/or individuals and groups of staff members to:

* Rediscover or deepen the hope that one can bring goodness to the world through one's livelihood.

* Receive support to move towards living and creating a work environment that reflects a deeper sense of meaning and purpose.

* Deepen the practice of creating a work life that reflects a sense of love, truth, purpose, and balance while continuing to align with God's purpose for each individual, each organization, and the world.

The process often occurs on two levels:

* Ongoing consultations for senior leaders.
It is not easy to live one's principles on a daily basis. I offer ongoing individual support, to find the courage, vulnerability, humility, and commitment to live God's life on a daily basis. Knowing what is right and being able to practice it is the true challenge of leadership.

* Consultations, trainings, and supervision to help individuals and groups of staff members. Accepting change is not always easy. I offer support to your staff to them help align and participate with the new directions and changes - while assisting each person to deepen and sustain their own sense of purpose and meaning.

Having the courage to become who we are meant to be is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and the world. Allowing ourselves to change takes great courage, hope and sense of purpose. This is a way to begin to live our ideals and help the world become a more whole and holy place.



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