The Practice
Of Being
A Sacred Human

Vivian Michaela DeAngelis

All of life is sacred.
 All of life is precious.   

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Sacred Counseling


Traditional therapy has offered us only limited hope of changing our lives and our world. When we offer our life to God and allow change to happen in the context of a loving relationship with God ~ our lives can truly begin.


The purpose of sacred counseling is to help one purify all that is not whole inside oneself. This transformational process brings us to a deeper healing within ourselves, allowing us to recognize who we are, and thus be able to bring ourselves more fully to our own life and be able to serve the greater whole.


During sacred counseling sessions we can:

* Begin to open ourselves to something new and to allow hope and inspiration to guide us to a new way of being alive and present - to our personal lives and the beauty of God's reality.

* Begin to recognize ourselves as soul's, awakening to the possibility of living our deepest dreams and longings, allowing ourselves to believe in the possibilities of living our ideals.

* Address the psychological and emotional issues that have felt insurmountable, such as long-term depression, anxiety, addictions, healing from traumas, and any other deep places of pain we thought could never change.

* Begin to feel the comfort of God's love in our everyday life, so that we can face all that is difficult and in need of healing.

* Recognize the deep karmic patterns in each of our lives, and thus begin to allow our beings to heal at the deepest levels.

* Allow hope to grow, trusting God's love for each of us. Knowing that we each have a unique purpose that we are meant to fulfill, and allowing ourselves the hope of true healing, can give us the strength to become our soul's purpose.

* I offer these sessions for individuals, families, children, and couples. A deep invitation to God to join us - prayer, spirituality, heart-centered therapy, gentle movement, and when appropriate healing touch - are part of what I offer during these sessions.

Sacred counseling can help us purify all that is not whole, allowing each of us to open to a new meaning of what it is to be human. By each of us changing one person at a time ~ we begin to re-define the meaning of being human. This is the journey home ~ this is the true meaning of being a sacred human.



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